PMP – Project Management Professional

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. It is the sum of knowledge within the profession of project management and it includes proven traditional practices that are widely applied, as well as innovative practices that are emerging in the profession. PMP certification is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) in the United States of America.


Many companies require their project managers to hold this certification and are growing in popularity every day. It includes keen knowledge of human behavior and the ability to skillfully apply appropriate interpersonal skills, accomplished through the application and integration of the project management processes of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing the project.


Benefits for Individuals

  • Learn how to manage projects or to work in a project environment using the most internationally recognized project management method.
  • Promote consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets while facilitating staff mobility and reducing the impact of personnel changes/handovers.
  • Mitigate perceived problems and issues and focus on the viability of the project throughout.
  • Evaluate the project portfolio to bring clarity and allow improvements in reviewing projects.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Benefit from a shared and thoroughly understood language and approach to reporting which will save time and effort.
  • Increase staff awareness of their roles and responsibilities in the project management life cycle.
  • Utilize an invaluable diagnostic tool, facilitating the assurance and assessment of project work, troubleshooting and audits.
  • Ensure stakeholders (including sponsors and resource providers) are properly represented in planning and decision making.
  • Enable more effective engagement of stakeholders in the process of project approval and management.

By undergoing the certification process and achieving a PMP qualification you will have demonstrated your knowledge of the method to a recognized examined standard. This is important as many employers now wish to recruit candidates with specific skills and are aware of the qualifications and what they mean in terms of competency.


Exam Format

  • Administered by Prometric Centre
  • Computer Based – (refer to for more info)
  • Exam is 200 Questions to be answered in 4 hours.
  • Review time allowed at the start of exam
  • Instant notification of result